Suhaee Abro – A Talented Actress

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Suhaee Abro

Suhaee Abro is a talented actress and dancer. Not many people know but she is a trained classical dancer. Suahee specializes in Bharatanatym, but also learned Kathak and Odissi. She has been dancing on stage since the age of 8, however She has been acting since the young age of 12. Suhaee made her television debut in telefilm Guddi. She gained commercial success for her acting in drama Sanjha, and also won the New Television Sensation Award ( Female) at 1st Hum TV Awards. Suhaee likes to do roles that are realistic and show social issues in our society. Suhaee is one actress with immense amount of talent and in no time will be considered among the best in the industry.

How did you enter into showbiz?
I have been performing Classical Dance and theatre on stage since I was 8 years old. I did a music video back then. Then 8 years later when I was 12, I was offered to do a telefilm, based on child rape. That was my first play and since then I have been working but very selectively. Once in a year or in two years. Only now, I work more than once in a year. This is also because I have my own Classical Dance career going side by side.

Which is your break through project?
There are two. There was a telefilm Shaali that I did in 2007, based on child marriage. Then there was Sanjha, a drama serial that I did in 2011 -2012. I played the title roles in both.
Shaali got me noticed more in the field than in the audience as it was a teleflim. It was made sensitively because of the issue. It also got my acting noticed.
Sanjha was also a commercial success and got me noticed because it was an entire serial. And since I was older by this time, I got more noticed and started to work a bit regularly.

While selecting a role, what are the parameters you consider?

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Suhaee Abro

While selecting a role, I make sure it is something new for me. Something that I have not played before.
I like bold roles, but the boldness to an extent as this is a Pakistani Television and everyone here keeps in mind their boundaries. But I do not mind playing a role where I am not supposed to look pretty.Coming on television screen and acting doesn’t mean one has to look pretty all the time.

What has been your most challenging project so far?
I think most of my projects have been challenging for me. Acting is not easy. And since I do very little work, I get to choose characters that require a lot of acting. For me, just becoming someone else from who I actually am is the most challenging thing to do anyway. But once I get into it, it gets easy. To name some; Guddi (telefilm), Shaali (telefilm), Sanjha (drama serial), Jashn Ka Din Hai (drama serial) and Jannat Ki Jannat (telefilm – not aired yet) have been the toughest and most challenging

Which has been your favorite role and why?
I have a lot of roles that I fell in love with and really cared for; but my favorite was Insha from Jashn Ka Din Hai. Insha was a 26 year old, mature, independent woman who was a Classical Dancer. She is well read and intelligent. Whatever she goes through in life, she deals with it and faces it. She’s not weak at all and never loses hope. Even when she does, she gets encouraged. Another thing, she owns herself as a classical dancer proudly.

In your view what is the best part of acting?
The best part of acting is that I don’t have to be myself. Just like in Dance, I can express what I probably won’t in real life. Or not the way a certain character would. I get to live someone else’s life and learn from that character. There’s always something to learn from the characters I get to play. So, I love that.

Which actor/ actress you enjoyed working the most?

I have been honored to work with wonderful actors and actresses. I loved working with Resham, Badar Khalil, Qazi Wajid, Nauman Ijaz, Sabreen Hisbani, Rehan Sheikh, Yasra Rizvi, Faisal Qureshi, Imran Aslam, Rubina Ashraf, Faizan Khawaja, Danish Taimoor and so many more!

Who is your closest friend or mentor in the industry?
I try not to get too close to people in the industry. I try to keep to myself. But I get along with many. My closest friends from the industry are, Yasra Rizvi, Faizan Khawaja, Mansha Pasha. My mentors are Farooq Rind, Badar Khalil, Qazi Wajid, Khalid Ahmad.

How do you balance your personal and professional life?
I keep my personal life to myself. When it comes to work and proffession, I try my best to keep it pure and not involve my personal life into it.

What are the things that you have learned in the industry?
I have learned to not trust everyone too easily. And I honestly think, this is a positive thing to learn because this helps in life too. I think for me, what I have learnt more through this field is because of the projects of work I have done. Not the industry itself.

What does success mean to you?
Success to me means respect. If I am respected as well as appreciated for what I do; and in return I respect myself too (which is not easy for everyone) that is success for me. Also, the strength to keep going on and improving in life is also success for me.

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Suhaee Abro

Tell us about your current projects you are working on?
My dance projects keep going on along with acting. I have recently finished doing Mann Ke Moti. Then a telefilm for Kitni Girrhein Baaqi Hain and one for Farooq Mengal Productions. Both telefilms are close to my heart. I am working on a very special upcoming serial which will hopefully release after Eid.

Message for your fans?
My message for my fans will be that please, respect artists. We work very hard. Some of us might cross our boundaries but some do it for the sake of art. You must respect everyone. For the way they look, no matter what color of skin, body weight, age; as long as someone is a good artist and an honest human being. I proudly own myself as a dancer and here in Pakistan, it is highly unappreciated by most of the people. But all I do is, express myself through dance. I do not kill or lie or hurt anyone. So, all I would want to say is respect people as well as yourself. If you do not like someone’s work, watch and follow those who’s work you like so you don’t make yourself angry.

A big thank you and love to all those people who appreciate and encourage me so much. My acting as well as my dance. Thank you to all! And I will never stop working hard and improving myself.