Shahid Afridi Wife & Family Pictures

Shahid Afridi is one the most popular cricketer in Pakistan both on the field and off. Shahid Afridi has been playing cricket for Pakistan for about 20 years. He is known for his aggressive batting. Afridi holds the record for the fastest ODI century and second highest score in 1 over of 32 runs. Afridi is married to Nadia and has 4 daughters. His eldest two daughters can been seen a lot in the media, however because Afridi belonging to a conservative pakhtun family his wife is usually covered in burkah in public. Check out the family pics of Afridi below.

shahid afridi wedding pics

shahid afridi wedding pictures

Shahid Afridi Family Wife and Kids Pics (15)

shahid afirid wife

shahid afirid wife pics

shahid afridi daughters 7

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shahid afiridi daughters

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