Sana Sarfaraz: Biography, Interview, and Pictures

sanahsarfaraz1 Sana Sarfaraz: Biography, Interview, and Pictures

Sanah Sarfaraz

Stunning and willowy, Sana Sarfaraz is gearing up to be the next “it” girl on the Pakistani fashion scene. In a really short span of her impressive modeling career, this ethereal young beauty has graced the covers of some of the country’s elite fashion magazines. She has also modeled for countless runway shows and other events for renowned fashion designers such as Sania Maskatiya, Maheen Karim, Nida Azwer, Shaiyanne Malik, Layla Chatoor, Sehrish Rehan and many others.

How did Sanah Sarfaraz get her start?
When I was in college, I got an offer from Shaiyanne Malik to walk the ramp, so I did a couple of shows with her and then modeled off and on for various freelance projects. I have been modeling professionally since 2012. As far as my acting career is concerned, I did a serial with Fahim Burney for a private channel. I played Farhan Ali Agha’s daughter in the serial – it was a lead role. Since then I have gotten several acting offers but I turned them down because acting was not my priority at that time.

Were fashion and modeling always a passion of yours?
No, not really. In the beginning, I did it for my pocket money and to pass my time, and then gradually with time I started taking it more seriously.

What are you doing differently as a model, now that you have several high-profile fashion shoots under your belt?
Well… as a model I can do many different things, but I usually focus on what the “client” wants. I don’t interfere when the client has a specific agenda to follow. My job is to model and act like an empty canvas.

You have done a supporting role in the hit drama serial Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Did you enjoy it and would you like to act more in the future?
Well… it was more of a learning experience for me instead of enjoyment. Ma’am Samina Pirzada was extremely supportive and it was a pleasure to work with Sanam Saeed and the rest of the cast. I would love to act in the future, but in a role where I can prove my acting skills.

What do you prefer more – ramp or fashion shoots?
Fashion shoots – because fashion shows over here are nerve-wracking (unorganised backstages, extremely early call times, eleventh hour changes in rehearsals and outfits etc and finally, “models” have to run and fix things on their own and pretend as if everything is perfect!).

There’s such a hierarchy in the entertainment world. Do you see people mistreating each other?
Yes, all the time! People have made small lobbies, which stops new talent from coming in through merit and handwork. It’s quite unfortunate that some of the bigwigs of this industry don’t promote “real” talent and manipulate them for their own benefits.

Has your fame given you the opportunity to help people in ways you would not otherwise be able to?
I try to promote new talent as much as I can. I refer, support and favour make-up artists, designers and photographers who are hardworking and sincere to their jobs.

Are you a risk taker?
At times when I have no other option left, only then I take a risk instead of backing out –
otherwise I am a cautious person in general.

Please tell us about your upcoming projects.
Well… some campaigns and fashion weeks are lined up