Pakistani Actresses with really bad Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a fairly new trend in Pakistan although very popular in other nations. Many of our actresses are naturally beautiful, however with age one loses their youth. In order to look young or to correct any beauty flaws many actresses will go under the knife.  For celebrities their bodies and faces are what makes them popular among people. In order to look best and to keep getting jobs, they try to improve their look even if its by plastic surgery. However, there are many actresses in Pakistan who have had work done on their face but instead of improving their looks they have ruined their perfectly good faces.  The most popular cosmetic producers among our actresses is botox and lip augmentation procedures.  Here is a list of Pakistani actresses who have ruined their faces with botox and plastic surgery.

Fiza Ali

fiza ali Pakistani Actresses with really bad Plastic Surgery

Botox and Lip Augmentation

Fiza Ali had lip augmentation and gets botox procedures time to time.  She has thin lips before, in order to plum her lips she opted for lip augmentation procedure. I guess she has really bad surgeon because now her lips are not looking natural at all but look like ‘duck lips’. Duck lips effect happens when the upper lip is bigger than the bottom.

Sara Loren aka Mona Liza

Sara Loren Plastic Surgery Pakistani Actresses with really bad Plastic Surgery


Formerly known as Mona Liza in Pakistan, but after making her debut in Bollywood not only did she change her name but her looks also. Sara Loren had a beautiful face with beautiful features, she was naturally beautiful. Thin lips are considered beautiful in Pakistan, but overseas celebs tend to go for full lips. Sara Loren followed the trend and opted to have lip augmentation and cheek implants.  Her lips look very swollen and both her bottom and top lip looks the same size, making it look very unnatural the duck lips. Sometimes it’s better to leave your face untouched .

Sadia Imam

sadiaimamplastic Pakistani Actresses with really bad Plastic Surgery

Sadia Imam Plastic Surgery

Sadia Imam had many  plastic surgery procedures from nose job to lip augmentation and cheek implants. Now she has very stiff and expressionless face. It is seems she has very hard time making expressions.