Pakistani Supermodel Moms

Models have to look their best at all times. They have to maintain certain look because their career depends on their appearance. However this does not stop many models from becoming mothers. Even after having children many continue to model on ramps and in print. It’s difficult to tell from looking at them that they have children because after giving birth they work hard to lose that weight and go back to pre-pregnancy look. Here is a look at our famous Pakistani models who are also mothers.

Fouzia Amir Pakistani Supermodel Moms

Fouzia Aman is a very popular model who does mostly print modeling is the mother of 2 sons.

Sunita Marshal Kids Pakistani Supermodel Moms

Sunita Marshal started her career with modeling and hosting and then went on to acting in dramas. She the mother of 2 kids, 1 son and 1 daughter. These days Sunita Marshal can been seen modeling for top designers at fashion shows and acting in many top dramas.

Cybil Chowdry Sons Pakistani Supermodel Moms

Cybil Chowdhry who models for many national and international brands is the mother of two sons. She has maintained her body and looks so well it difficult to tell she is mother of two grown sons.

Sabina Pasha Sons Pakistani Supermodel Moms

Sabina Pasha has been modeling for quiet a sometime is the mother of two sons, still looks great as ever.

Nadia Hussain Pakistani Supermodel Moms

Nadia Hussain is jack of all trades. Besides from modeling, Nadia Hussain is also does hosting, designing clothes, and acting. She is also very dedicated mother of 3 children. Nadia manages to always find time to spend with her kids and do their upbringing.

Rubab son Pakistani Supermodel Moms

Model Rabab with her son

Sofia Khan Daughters Pakistani Supermodel Moms

Model Sofia Khan with her daughter, and in January expecting a another child.

Vaneeza Ahmed daughter Pakistani Supermodel Moms

Vaneeza Ahmed no longer models instead devotes her time to working on her VLawn brand and taking care of her daughter .