Pakistani Stars Drinking Scandals

Pkaistani stars

Pakistani leading stars including Ejaz Aslam, Abdullah Kadwani, Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed can be found inside a wine party  somewhere in Pakistan.


Drinking is prohibited in Islam and in Pakistan it is a crime as Pakistan is a Muslim country but the cases of our stars being caught drunk are increasing day by day. Several famous names had come on media regarding drinking.


Some of the recent cases are; laila was admitted to hospital for having heavy drinks and drug injections. She was admitted to national  hospital Lahore. Doctors warned her to give up drinking and drug injections as its dose might become a source of Hepatitis.


Another story that came to news was the famous fame lover Veena Malik as she was caught on camera while drinking and spending a flirty and romantic night with a bollywood director Hemant Madhukar. It is still a question whether  it was intentionally played by Veena to get in to sizzling news or its really was a night she was enjoying but whatever it was she was caught drinking.


Few days back social media reported that said Pakistani actress Nirma was caught by police as she was caught doing immoral acts with some of her friends and was heavily drunk but so far there is no evidence that it really happened so it make it more of rumour  Wait wait not only ladies are involved in such drinking acts recently a picture of javeed sheikh got published in social media in which he is holding a glass of wine  with other actors. Still It isn’t clear that is it becoming more of a trend to get in news or is the bad luck of stars that they get caught while drinking but whatever is it , it doesn’t represent Islam, Pakistan or its culture.