Pakistani Movies

2013, Revival of Pakistani Movies

2013 was a turning point for Pakistani movies. It was the year of revival of Pakistani movies.  For more than a decade Pakistani movies had been non-existent with no movies releasing 619658 WaarMoviex 1382177942 270 640x480 300x225 Pakistani Moviesor just 1 or 2 releasing each year.  Before 2013, the only 2 Pakistani movies that were worth seeing  in last 10 year period were Khuda Ke Liya and Bol; both of which you were by director Shoaib Mansoor.  The 90s was a time period of Punjabi films, not many Urdu films were released during this time period. Many of these films were based on Gujjar culture with very vulgar dances. Therefore not attracting to audience outside Punjab or the educated class.  This was the major cause of the decline of Pakistani movies.

Trendsetting Pakistani Movies

Pakistani movies such as Khuda Kay Liya, Bol, Ramchand Pakistan, Saving Face, and Virsa created a trend of films based on social issues facing people in Pakistan. The films are not only reality based but also have a message for the audience. Due to this positive change, many films have been recognized internationally at films festivals.

Khuda Kay Liya was the  first film in recent times to have gained both commercial and critical success both nationally and internationally.  The film revolved around the subject of different interpretations of Islam by different class of people. It also shows what Muslims had to face in the US after 9/11.  In 2008, Khuda Kay Liya took the awards for best film, best actor, best actress, and best soundtrack at the Lux Style Awards. At the 31st Cairo International Film Festival won Silver Pyramid Award for best picture and also best film award at Roberto Rossellini Award Ceremony among others.

Bol film was another trend setting film.The film revolves around the topic of how some people have the urge to have sons.It is about a religous Muslim family with many daughters facing financial difficulties, the father wants to have a son to support him financially.Bol was released in India, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, U.A.E and Australia on 31 August 2011.The Movie got huge fame and appreciation. Humaima Malick the lead actress got critical recognition for her acting in Bol.

In recent times Waar has been the biggest blockbuster, breaking all previous records of Pakistani films. The film is a depiction of events surrounding the war on terror in Pakistan. The film received positive reviews from critics and became the highest grossing film in Pakistan of all time. IMDb puts Waar highest rated feature film of 2013 globally. The film is reported to be releasing in twenty five countries. Waar would be considered the official film to revive Pakistani  movies, it made people go to cinemas to watch the film after a long time. Many the of cinemas were totally booked for days, which rarely happened for any Pakistani film.

At present the indication is that the trend is changing and a healthy competitive spirit is developing among producers and directors to make quality films.  Some other notable Pakistani movies of 2013 were Zinda Bhagg, Chambaili, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, Seedlings, and Josh.