Pakistani Actress Ayesha Khan ( Aisha Khan) – Interview

Pakistani Actress Ayesha Khan Interview

Ayesha Khan Pakistani Actress Ayesha Khan ( Aisha Khan)   InterviewPakistani Actress Ayesha Khan ( Aisha Khan)

 Pakistani actress Ayesha Khan ( Aisha Khan) is one of the most beautiful and innocent face on Pakistani Television. Ayesha Khan was born in Lahore, but spent much of her childhood in Canada and Abu Dhabi. Pakistani Actress Ayesha is most popular for role in drama Mehndi. Ayesha has been in the news for many scandals, especially with rumors about her marriage with Humayun Saeed. These days can be seen in drama Bari Aapa.


Pakistani actress Ayesha Khan Profile

Date of Birth:
September 27, 1982
Lahore, Pakistan


Debut: Tum Yehi Kehna

What is love for you:
Love is friendship.

Your inspiration as an actor:
Rubina Ashraf, Sania, Nadia

First reaction to fame:
What the hell is happening?!

Idea of a perfect  evening out:
The typical flowers, candlelit dinner, maybe a movie.

What kind of people can you relate to the most:
Secure people.

Ultimate role you would like to play:
None, really.

Biggest challenge in life so far:
Trying to sugar-coat everything I say.  I’m very blunt.

Are you superstitious about luck/karma/horoscope:

Who would you like to be on a desert island with:301756 10150930404824469 244256273 n Pakistani Actress Ayesha Khan ( Aisha Khan)   Interview
Imran Khan

Favourite way to chill out:
Popcorn, movie, friends, my couch.

Favourite  clothes to hang out in:
Jeans and a T-shirt.

What does money mean to you:
Little more shopping.

How would you rate yourself as an actress on a  scale of 1 to 10:

Your favourite directors:
Shahid Shafaat

All time favourite film:
Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

All time favourite music:
Anything by U2

All time favourite food:
Pasta, biryani.

Your man should smell of:
Doesn’t matter. But better  always smell good.

A present you can’t say no to:

What  puts you in a bad mood:
Poor personal hygiene, being stingy.

One thing  you really like about yourself:
Hardworking, focused.

What do enjoy the most, other than acting:
Well I love being at home, vacationing and sleeping till 6 pm, but I can’t do that all my life (laughs), so, yes, I love acting, it’s my passion!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day:
I don’t usually, but I just go for a movie with friends or go for a dinner, that’s it.

Your favourite co-stars:
Noman Ijaz

The question that you hate being asked the most:
Anything that’s rumor or personal, I hate responding

Pakistani Actress Ayesha Khan is also considered one of the most beautiful Pakistani Actresses.

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