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    Urwa Tul Wusqa also known as Urwa Hocane is a popular VJ and Pakistani actress. Urwa started her career as a VJ for ARY Musik.  Urwa made her debut in dramas with 'Meri Ladli'.  She has been very popular with her negatives roles in dramas such as 'Madiha Maliha' and 'Kahi un Kahi'.  Besides acting and hosting, Urwa has appeared in  commercials for many popular brands. Urwa's sister Mawra Hocane is an actress and VJ like her.

    Birthday: July 2 , 1991

    Birthplace: Islamabad

    Residence: Karachi

    Education: Bahria College Islamabad

    Debut: Meri Ladli

    Sister: Mawra Hocane
    How did you start your career and did you always aspire to be an actress?
    I grew up in Islamabad and during that time the city was the hub of modern Pakistani theater. I did some theatrical performances and received good response from people. I became the VJ at ARY Musik and with the passage of time I availed more opportunities, started acting in plays and commercials and now here I am!

    Tell us about yourself.

    I am just like every other girl. I like to shop, cook, hang around with friends and in short I am the girl next door.

    Modeling, acting and hosting you have done all, which one of these is your favorite and what else you want to do in your life?
    I want to get better in what I do with each passing day, whether its modelling acting or hosting.

    Do you desire to work in movies?

    Yes I would love to and I am glad that Pakistani film industry is reviving with some new great films coming in and with new talented and educated people showing their interest.

    How's your chemistry with your sister Mawra?

    Oh Mawra! She is my eternal love. I feel incomplete when she is not around. I think we also complement each other when we are together.


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