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    Mawra Hocane
     Mawra Hocane made her drama debut in 2012 and in just a year she impressed everyone with her acting skills and became a household name.  Her determination, hard work, and talent paid off by getting her the best roles from the top directors.  Some of the hit dramas Mawra acted in 2012 include Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai, Ek Tamanna la Hasil Si, and Mein Gunegaar Nahi.
    How did you begin your career in showbiz?
    I used to work for ATV as a VJ and hosted a program 'Boom on live' from there A&B productions picked me up for their drama 'Mere Hazoor' . It was my first drama serial.

    Did you always aspire to be an actress?
    Yes, I did. When I was very young I wanted to come in the entertainment industry. In my school life. I used to participate in many activities.

    What kind of roles do you like to perform, and which role was the most challenging for you till now?

    I love all the roles that I have done, and I always try to give my best to them. I can do any role whether it is positive, negative or Mawra Hocanecomic. The challenging role for me up till now was in the drama serial "Main Gunegaar Nahi" because I am the essential lead and all drama is revolving around me.

    While selecting the role, what are the parameters that you consider?
    First of all I consider script, I read at least half of the script before signing any project.

    You character in drama 'Yahan Pyar Nahi" was very negative, was it difficult to play a negative role?

    I loved doing the role and it was not difficult for me at all. I was very excited when I was offered for it. First I felt I could not do it properly but after that I enjoyed it and got appreciation for it.

    What is the role of your family  behind your success?
    My family is very much supportive. My mother always wanted to see me as an actress and due to her prayers  I am here.

    What factors contributed to your success?

    I don't think I am successful yet. There are many projects that are in the pipeline and I am trying to give my best. Yet I have to achieve a lot which I have dreamed of.

    Tell us about your working experience with the cast of 'Ik Tamanna Lahasil Si'.
    It was a very good experience and fun to work in that drama. Fahad Mustafa is a great actor and he was very much supportive. We all worked like a family. I was the second  lead in the drama. And I cannot but thank Saba Hameed, because of her I was able to play my role well.

    Mawra Hocane and sister UrwaWho and what inspired you to become an actress?
    It's my mother and aunt. They both are my inspiration and moral support.

    What' the one thing that you love and hate about being a star?
    The thing that I love is that people love you, recognize you. I don't hate anything but I can say that you don't get free time a lot for doing anything else like for your family and friend.

    Describe yourself in three words?
    Soft-spoken, very professional, I love those people who love me.

    One thing you want to change about yourself:

    You are addicted to:  I love working

    Your day starts with: Breakfast from Dunkin' Donuts.

    A city that inspires you: Lahore

    A person that inspires you: My mother and sister

    One thing you can't live without: My family

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